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Mariah-Rose Marie is a graphic novelist, story artist, educator, and writer based in Tovaangar, aka Los Ángeles.


Always with empathy (and often with humor) Mariah-Rose interweaves the individual and the global through stories that reach across political borders and personal identity. Their comic, illustration and storyboard work can be seen anywhere from Netflix and HBO Max to The New Yorker, Science for the People Magazine, and Ignatz award-winning work with The Nib.


Mariah-Rose is the maker of COOK LIKE YOUR ANCESTORS (Silver Sprocket, 2023) the international recipe collection and guide to

intuitive cooking. Their debut fiction graphic novel GO BACK & GET IT (Random House Children's / Make Me A World) is coming in 2027.

Mariah-Rose is represented by Desiree Wilson of Looking Glass Literary.

For work inquires, contact: hello [at] mariah-rose [dot] com

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